Nas Daily / She Used To Be A Man 以前、男だった

Nas Daily / She Used To Be A Man

Meet Angie
Hi, my name is Angie!
and I used to be a man. 以前男だった
Two years ago
Angie’s dad passed away. die の婉曲表現
making him realize that life is short. 人生は短いものだ彼に悟らせた
And that you need to follow what makes you yappy. 自分を幸せにするものに従う
Sho he decided to do
what he felt for years
change his gender to become a woman
And he decided to come out publicly using
His original username was
Hail to the king.
And her new account?
Hail to the Queen.
And that is how eeryone knew that
This was no easy thing to do
And Angie expected a lot of pushback.
But to her surprise
99% of the reception was love and support.
When Angie was Ian
She was married this supermodel Joey
for 10 years
Now she is still married to the same woman.
And she still designs
and races in the most manly world ever
The Car World.
Because sometimes
the King can also be a Queen.
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.
-used to do 以前は〜していた。〜だった
おもてなしの即レス英会話 2020/7/28 L38
I used to play soccer.


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