Ana de Armas / Ghosted. They need to get a room

They need to get a room / ghosted /
Ana de Armas

Marco was right about you. You should date someone just like him completely cut off from emotional connection
And not afraid to lose a limb
You know what? Marco was right. But not about that. We only have one life and you were too afraid to live it
It says the one handed dead guy.
Wait, what’s happening to you?
You went to your parents house to help them, but I don’t think they need you anymore. I think they’re just an excuse to avoid life.
Look, who’s talking? Your job the duty the sacrifice, that’s your excuse to keep people out. I think you’re afraid to get close to people, because if you do, you might lose them. Just like you lost your mom.
Hey! You don’t talk about her. And I’m not afraid of anything.

You two need to get a room.
Oh, Patty!
He’s not even hooked up to the machine.
I’m sorry but you guys the sexual tension and room is just…

マルコはあなたについて正しいことを言った。 彼と同じように感情的な繋がりを 完全に断ち切った相手と付き合うべきだよ
知ってるか? マルコは正しかった でも その事じゃない 人生は一度きりなのに、怖くて生きられないなんて
あなたは両親を助けるために実家に行ったけど、もう両親にはあなたは必要ないと思うんです。 人生を避けるための言い訳に過ぎないと思う。
いいか、誰が言ってるんだ? あなたの仕事……義務……犠牲……それが、人を寄せ付けない言い訳よ。 あなたは人に近づくのが怖いんだと思う もし近づいたら、失うかもしれないから ママを失ったようにね
いい! 彼女の話はしないで! 私は何も恐れていない


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