Nas Daily / Safest place in the world

Nas Daily / Safest place in the world

Guys, I think I’ve just arrived
to the safest
most trusting place 信頼をおいている
in the entire world! 全世界の中で
It’s midnight. 真夜中
and all these shops are left unlocked! お店は鍵をかけていない
I can eat anything 何でも食べれる
take any souvenir どんなお土産も手に入る
get any dress どんな服も
from any shop 何処の店からも
and no one is watching! 誰も見ていない
This is a village in Egypt.
inhabited by one of the eldest
civilizations in the world! 世界の最古の文明によって存在する
they’re called “The Nubians” ヌビア人
And they lived in unique houses by the Nile. ナイル川のそばのユニークな家に住んでいる
with unique clothes ユニークな服装
and unique language ユニークな言語
that no one else can speak! だれも話せない

For the rest of us 我々には
it’s hard to learn their language 覚え難い
because it has no alphabet! アルファベットがないから
But the way these guys built a community 共同社会を作り
where you can trust others with your shop そこで皆を信頼し
and eitire livelihood?! 店や暮らしで
that is something. それが素晴らしい
everyone should learn from. 彼らから学ぶべきだ。

Nice! That’s good.

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