Nas Daily / Palestine in 5 minutes

Nas Daily / Palestine in 5 minutes


Day 1: Is Palestine real?
I’m in a place where many people think is not real 皆さんが本当だと思わない場所にいます
But Palestine is real!
It’s as real as these new Palestinian friends of mine 私の新しいパレスチナの友人がリアル
as real as this Palestinian license plate. パレスチナのナンバープレートがリアル
It’s as real as the church where Jesus was born. イエスが生まれた場所
As real as this Palestinian food このパレスチナの食べ物
Post office
And as real as this Palestinian nightlife. パレスチナの夜の生活
But even though Palestine is real パレスチナの現実ですが、容易な国ではありません。
It’s not an easy country!
It’s not easy to live next to a wall 壁の隣に済むのも簡単じゃない
that makes movement harder 移動を難しくする
It’s not easy to go through awful checkpoints. 検問所を通過するのも簡単じゃない
It’s not easy to live in a refugee camp 難民キャンプに住むのも
your whole life like this! これが生活
And it’s not easy to have no 3G network.
in the entire damn country! ひどい国だ
If Jesus was born in Palestine today キリストが今日、パレスチナに生まれたなら
He would be Palestinian 彼はパレスチナ人にはならないだろう
and his life would still be hard! 生活が困難だから
That’s Palestine! 
That’s 1 minute, see you tomoroow

Day 1:

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