Nas Daily / Be careful of the magnet trap

Nas Daily / Be careful of the magnet trap


This is a magnet 磁石
And this is a piece of wood 木片
If you put metal near the two 金属と近づけると
all of it will attract to the magnet 全部引きつける
and none of it to the piece of wood 全く引き付けない
In the world 世界には
some countries are magnets ある国は磁石
and other countries 別の国は木片
are pieces of wood
Some countries everybody visits 歩くには皆が訪れる
and other countries 別の国は誰の注意を惹かない
nobody cares about
our attention
is centered around the few! 数少ない国に注目が集まる
The New York
The magnets
and not …
Nebraska ネブラスカ
Puerto Rico プエルトリコ
or the Philippines フィリピンは
The pieces of wood 木片
And I don’t know about you…
But I hate that! それが大嫌い
There’s a lot of amazing stories
to be told everywhere 世界の至る所に驚くべき物語があるが
so why aren’t we telling them? 誰もそれを言わない
This is why I wrote my book! それで私が本を書きました
Around the world in 60 seconds 60秒で世界中の国がのっています
is a book about the world
All of it
It shows you heartwarming stories
equally from 64 countries
Like Jan
the hotel owner in Puerto Rico プエルトリコのホテルオーナー
who is looking for a husband 夫を探している
The South African engineering wizard! エンジニアリングの名人 
who built a robot
who invented a new font 新しいフォントを発明した
who doesn’t want to show her face 顔を見せようとしない
the country that is fixing trash ゴミを直す
the homeless community in Hawaii
he peaceful community in Israel and Palestine
The beaches in Maldives
The buildings in China
And the people in Peru
And all of this is in one book
This book is finally launching ついに発売
in bookstores and online
to reach every country in the world
But this video
is bigger than just a book
This is a movement
A movement to treat
people, cultures and countries equally 人々、文化、国を平等に扱う
and tell their stories equally!
What’s amazing about this book.
is that it’s telling the stories
from the places that usually don’t get stories told 普通は語られない場所の物語
I got this book because
not only do I love to travel
But I love to meet new people
Let’s not be attracted
only to the magnets 磁石だけに惹きつけられないように
Let’s see the world as one 1つの地球
This is why we need to travel
This is why wrote this book.
See you
next week
Travel equally
Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the video.
if you enjoy the book
please leave an Amazon review アマゾンにレビューを書いて
and show you my appreciation
I’m going to send you a personalized
video message saying thank you
All you have to do is leave an Amazon review
on this book.
and email me

All right.

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