Nas Daily’s day 1000 surprise video

Nas Daily’s day 1000 surprise video

6 minutes

It’s me.
I made you a video like you asked me to make you あなたが私にビデオを作るように頼んだので
It is a surprise.
I hope you ike the video
I like you.
You did a good job.
And everybody here loves you.
Thank you.

Meet Nas
My name is Nas from Nas Daily
and I make 1 minute videos
Every simple day 一日置きに

He has an island!
Hello Nas!
for the 1,000 vedeos you did
That’s insane. 正気じゃない
You know that this is not human, right?
Do you have any idea?
1,000 days
You are crazy, my friend
To anyone watching this これを見てくれる皆に
I do not recommend daily videos ビデオを勧めない
I don’t know how you did it
I don’t think it was healthy
But I’m glad it’s done
This is amazing
You are machine.
It only took you 4% of your life 人生の4%を費やした
to change the lives of millions 何百万もの人の生活を変えるため
including mine 私を含め
We love you.
Keep it coming, man 続けて
Churn it out 量産した
Churn it out
More videos
Please don’t stop there 立ち止まらず

If you were able to work
so hard
and create such amazing content
with lack of sleep
and very little to eat
I can only imagine
what you would be able to do
with 3 meals a day
and full nights of sleep
Your face looks delighful 嬉しそう
Oh, my good! なんてことだ

The millionaire who picks coins
Congratulations bro. (brother)
You have made it. やったね。
You have come so far
keep swimming
I’ll see you at the top.


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