Mas Daily / Is luxury worth it?

Mas Daily / Is luxury worth it?

The following video is a true story. 次のビデオは本当の話し
Last week, my friend Agon made some money. エイゴンがかなり稼いだ
and he wanted to celebrate
by buying a nice Gucci jacket 素敵なグッチのジャケットを買って祝おうと
So he went to Gucci with $500 in his hand 手に500ドルを持って買い物に近くのグッチへ行った
ready to buy
He found a jacket he liked 気に入ったジャケット見つけ
it fit him well よく似合った
it’s made in Italy イタリア製で
it had the Gucci name on it グッチと名前入りの
the leather felt nice 革の感触も良く
and the jacket was amazing
He was about to buy it
until he saw the price 値段を見るまで買うつもりだった
$5,000 for a jacket! 5千ドルのジャケット
Agon, put the $500 back in his pocket
left the store 店を出た
and never looked back
This, my friends, is the luxury clothing market
It’s a market with very expensive things 
that are clearly not worth the price 明らかに値段に見合わない高価なものの店
And according to studies 研究によると
to make a luxury item 贅沢品を作るのに
it costs 8% of the price 8%の原価しかかからない
the remaining 92% 残りの92%は他の物に行く
goes to other stuff
Because at the end of the day その日のうちに誰かが買う
Someone has to pay
for the luxury brand expensive rent 高額の手数料のため
Someone has to pay for their expensive ads 高額の広告料のため
Someone has to pay
for their expensive fashion shows 高額のファッション・ショーのため
And that someone is
You, Me, and Agon あなたか、私か、エイゴンか
It’s all of us. 私達の誰かが。
This is the fake price of luxury これが偽物の贅沢品
So what is the real price of luxury items? 贅沢品の本当の値段は?
To find out, we sent our teammate Franco これを解明するため、チームメイトのフランコが
to the same country グッチを作るイタリアへ向かった
where Gucci is made
To Italy

To make the same luxury jacket 価格の一部で同じ贅沢品を作るため
for a fraction of the price!
And here, we hired world-class fasion designers 私達は世界的に認められたファッション・デザイナーをやとい
to make our jacket.
I am Gabriele
and I am an Italian fasion designer
And in two days 2日のうちに
they made the same expensive Gucci jacket we saw 私達が見た同じグッチのジャケットを使った
with our “logo” on it AGONロゴ入りの
for 8% of the Gucci price! 低下の8%で
This is yours!
instead of buying a $5,000 Gucci jacket 5千ドルのグッチのジャケットを買う代わりに
We bought a flight around the world $250 世界的に飛行機で行けるチケットをかい
stayed at a hotel $100 ホテルに泊まり
rented an Italian car $88 イタリア製の車を借り
ate Italian food $13 イタリアンフード
saw Italian nature $0 イタリアの自然
made Italian friends $0 イタリアの友達
and made our own Gucci jacket 自分だけのグッチのジャケットを作り
that is fully customized 十分にカストマイズしえ
With just a high of a quality 千ドル以内で高品質の
for less than a $1,000
This project is on the extreme side プロジェクトは極端でしたが
But the idea is simple 考え方はシンプル
Most times いつも
Luxury is not worth the price. 贅沢品は値打ちがない!
See you next week.

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