Nas Daily / World’s Strongest passport

Nas Daily / World’s Strongest passport

What I’m holding right now 今手に持っているのは
is a very powerful piece of paper 強力な一枚の紙
Because this is the world’s strongest passport 世界で最強のパスポート
And it doesn’t belong to any of the countries you expect あなたが思ってるどの国のものでもない
not the U.S.
not China not the UK.
or Iceland
it belongs to a tiny, tiny country called 小さな小さなシンガポールと呼ばれる国のもの。
This passport gets you 189 countries visa free access! 189カ国に行けるパスポート
which is a ton more than many other passports
I can barely travel with this one! このパスポートではほどんど旅行できない。
That’s true!
and this is why Singapore is doing it right こんな訳でシンガポールがやってくれた
They don’t try to fight, invade or take other countries 戦ったり侵入したり国を取ったりしようとしない
All they want is to be friends
with everyone around them 周りにみんなと仲良くしたいだけ
and make life better for their citizens 市民のために生活をより良くする
As other countries fight each other
to get more powers 力を得るため、国の争いをしてる。
Let’s look at Singapore! シンガポールを見て
because they are the ones with real power 彼らは本当の力を持っている
That’s one minute see you tomorrow

before you go one last thing that video
you just saw
i made using this camera and this
but for the first time ever i’m ditching
my camera
and i’m picking up my podcasting
because yes i’m starting a podcast
it’s called nostalks it’s free and it’s
only on Spotify
and if you liked that video i think
you’re going to love the podcast
because i just wanted to make a podcast
about things that
i would listen to about topics that i
want to listen to
yes not stocks is 100 honest
and raw and deep and by the way it’s 100
free so keep your money and give me your
because if you like this video i think
you’re gonna love this podcast see you
on Spotify

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