Nas Daily / We got married

Nas Daily / We got married

One of the best parts of Indian culture インド文化の1番良いところ1つは
is an Indian wedding! 結婚式
So today I decided to fake marry
my actual girlfriend… 私の本当の恋人と偽りの結婚をすることに決めました。
in an Indian…
Here is how our Indian wedding went インドの結婚式はこのように行います
The day before 前日
We got the Henna ヘナと宝石と素敵な服
the jewelry
and the fancy clothes
And invited all of our Indian friends! 友達を皆招待して
On wedding day 結婚式当日
I, the groom 私、新郎は
arrived on a beautiful horse 美しい馬に乗って到着
surrounded by good looking friends 素敵な友達に囲まれて
and lots of fireworks and music! たくさんの花火と音楽
And then I waited for my bride to arrive そして新婦の到着を待つ
She did arrive… 
on a boat. 船で到着
Then was carried by four men
to meet her new husband
Together we performed Hindu rituals ヒンドゥーの儀式をして
to unofficially become 非公式に夫と妻になる
husband and wife
And from that point on その瞬間から結婚式が始まる
our indian wedding began!
with amazing food
and music
It’s true!
our wedding was not real 私達の結婚式は本当じゃないけど、
But the richness of Indian culture
weddings and people
are as real as they get. 本物のようだった
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow


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