Dear Aylne / The Convenience Store Country!!

Dear Aylne / The Convenience Store Country!!

Where I grew up, convenience stores 育った所は、コンビニがそんなに便利じゃなかった
were not that convenient…
They had some gum… ガムにソーダ
Some soda
And maybe a slurpee スラーピー◆シャーベット状の炭酸飲料。
if you are lucky
But here in Asia
The word “convenience store”
takes on a アジアではコンビニは新しい意味を持っている
whole new meaning 全く新しい意味
Welcome to Taiwan
The country with one of the highest コンビニの数が多い
numbers of convenience stores
per capita in the world 一人当たり
1 for every 2000 people 二千人に一人
It’s so convenient
You can find these everywhere
in the city 都市でも田舎でも
in the country
And even in the
Locals even choose where
to rent an apartment アパートを借りるのに、コンビニまでの距離によって考える
depending on the location of the
nearest convenience stores
because here, they’re
actually convenient
It’s not ust a place to get snacks お菓子を買うための場所だけじゃない
Because here, they’re
super convenient
It’s a post office 郵便局、銀行、レストラン
A bank… and a
All in one
Let me explain
Let’s say you don’t have a credit card クレジットカードがなくても
for online shopping ネットショッピング
just ship it to your 地元のセブンイレブンに出荷する
local 7-11
and pay cash to pick it up. 現金を払って受け取る
Hungry? You can buy a meal for
less than $1!
And eat it here.
You can print anything. 何でも印刷できる
Pay your bills. 支払いが出来る
I pay my bills… Here.
Buy concert tickets.
Train tickets.
Pay your parking tickets.
And if you keep your receipts… レシートを保管しておけば
You’re automatically 自動的に
entered to win the lottery. 宝くじが含まれている
And you could win up to… 最大一千万
$10 million
And of course
They have all the snacks and
drinks you could want
They have so many options
That you could eat something new
every single day
Beef-flavored chips 牛肉風味
So come to Taiwan.
and trust us 信用して
It’s convenient.

日本語 米語 英語
ポテトチップス Chips Crisps
フライドポテト French fry Chips

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