as Daily / World’s best punishment?!

Nas Daily / World’s best punishment?!

You and your friend just had a flight! 友達と喧嘩をした
You hate him for that  彼が大嫌い
and you wanna punish him! 彼を懲らしめてやりたい
How do you do it? どうしますか?
We all know violence is not the answer. 暴力が答えでは無いことを知っています
But in the city of Hong Kong 香港では
Hiding under a bridge 橋の下に答えを知っているおばあちゃんがいます。
there is a Grandma
who knows the answer!
This grandma can punish your friends for you
simply from a picture! 写真で罰することが出来ます
You give her your friends’s picture and name 友達の写真と名前を渡します
and Bam! バンバンと叩く
She beats the heck out of him! これでやっつけます
and again!
and again!
and again!
So that in real life… 実際に彼は痛みを感じます
he feels the pain!
then she feeds him to a tiger それをトラに与えて
curses him with words. 呪いの言葉とともに
and sets him on fire! 火を付ける
This is called Petty Person Beating!
and in Hong Kong… it’s a real way
people take vengeance on others! 復讐できる
If this works… これがうまく行けば
You punish people without going to jail. 刑務所に入らずに人を懲らしめる事が出来ます
It it doesn’t work… 
You vent your anger 怒りをぶちまけて
and grandma makes you feel better! おばあちゃんが気分良くしてくれる
This is what I call a win win! これがまさにウィン ウィン
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow!


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