Nas Daily / This Is The City Of Cats

Nas Daily / This Is The City Of Cats

Let’s see.
after visiting 50 countries
and more than 300 cities
the city that surprised me the most is 私を1番驚かせた都市は
Istanbul イスタンブール
And it’s all because of this 理由は 猫
this is the city
where 17,000 people signed a petition 動物実験反対に署名した都市
to remember the death of a cat 猫の死を覚えておくため
This is it!
This is the city
where cat food, water and homes
are everywhere どこにでもある。
It’s where you’ll see Mosques イスラム教寺院の中に猫がいる
with cats inside of them
and people caring for cats 猫の世話をして
for over 20 years
In other countries they have cat cafes 猫カフェ
But in Istanbul
every cafe is a cat cafe!
We should judge cities 都市を判断してはいけない
not based on their old buildings 古い建物に基づいてない
or hip cafes オシャレなカフェ hip 形容詞
or fancy streets 豪華な通り
But by the way they treet 
their most vulnerable members 彼らは、最も弱いメンバーの世話をして
the animals
And in Istanbul
they are part of the family 家族の一部です
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow

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