Nas Daily / Where Gravity Doesn’t Work?

Nas Daily / Where Gravity Doesn’t Work?

We have just arrived to a place
that makes no sense to us 私達には理解できない
we are now in a car on the bottom of a hill 丘の麓の車の中
and the hill is going up 丘は上がっています
but when we put the car on neutral 車をニュートラルにすると
the car doesn’t go down 下がらず
it goes up! 登っていく
as if there is no gravity 重力が無いかのように
we bought a football
and put it on the bottom of the hill フットボールを置いた
and the ball too went up 登っていく
We dropped water on the ground
the water went up 水も登っていく
we tried walking up the hill 丘を登ろうとすると楽で
it was too easy
and walking down was too hard 下るのがハード
this is a hill in Armenia’s mountains
where gravity went nuts! 重力が働かない
Down is up and up is down
and that will blow your mind! 驚かす、心を吹き飛ばす、圧倒する
in reality gravity is not nuts 重力は狂ってない
this is just an optical illusion 目の錯覚、錯視
where it looks different from what it actually is 実際のものとは違って見える
But who cares! どうでもいい。誰も気にしない。
for this day
on this hill
on this mountain
gravity went nuts.
and it’s a lot more fun this way
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.

go nuts 興奮する、熱狂する、激怒する、キレる、精神的におかしくなる、思いっきりやる

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