Nas Daily / He Wanted to be Black.

Nas Daily / He Wanted to be Black…

the N-wordとか racism
used when you are talking about the word nigger but do not want to say it because it is offensive

Meet Clement
Hi! My name is Clement Suleiman.
I always wanted to be black.
Hold your breath for a second ちょっと息を止めて
and hear this story
As a child in Belgium ベルギー
Clement believed
that he was black
So much
that he painted his skin black 黒く塗った
That’s why そんなわけで
his mom took him to a psychologist 母はかれを精神分析医に連れて行った
And the psychologist said
“For the next vacation, just take him to 次の休みにアフリカに連れて行ったら
And at age 13
he landed in Senegal セネガルに上陸した
and never looked back
He got the citizenship 市民になり、
Learned all 5 local dialects 5つの方言を学び
opened a business
married a Senegalese woman
and had two kids with her
“And right now I’m happy.”
Celement will never
truly, truly be black
But he is an example よい例です
of how Home
is not necessarily where you are born ホームはいつも生まれた場所である必要がない。
how you are born
Home is the place ホームは真にゆったり出来る場所
you truly feel comfortable inside
And for this Belgium kid
It was in Senegal
with his new family
That’s 1 minute, see tomorrow.

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