Nas Daily / This is Made of…PEE?!

Nas Daily / This is Made of…PEE?!

What I’m holding right now is normal water 今私が持っているのは普通の水
But what if I told you that this normal water オシッコから出来ていると言ったらどうしますか?
is made of pee?!!
Before you get disgusted… think again 吐き気がする前に
Here is Singapore
they don’t have that much water あまり水がありません
So they made their own fresh water 自分自身の新鮮な水
from the toilet トイレから
This took this water
This water
And this water
Yes, it includes pee! オシッコを含んでいます
and turned it into fresh, drinkable water それを新鮮にして、飲める水に
They cleaned every single molecule 分子、微粒子を綺麗にして
of this water to make it cleaner
than the one you buy
because this was tested a 150,000 times
and Everyone
could drink this water no problems. 問題なく、飲めます
As the rest of the world wastes water
Everyone should look at Singapore
who is trying to recycle
every single drop of it 一滴も逃さずリサイクル
here, even pee
doesn’t go to waste! オシッコでさえ、浪費しない
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.

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