Nas Daily / Where Everything Is Flipped!

Nas Daily / Where Everything Is Flipped!

Welcome to Australia
where everything is
upside down 上下逆さま
See, at any university
if you get a D on your exam
You have failed. 不合格
But in Australia
D is great
It means distinction 区別
There is no A
Tipping in Australia is not required チップも要求されない
What you see here is what you pay
unlike in the US
Where you gotta pay tax and tip on top pay tax 税金
In Australia
the water flushes the opposite way 水が反対方向に流れる、渦巻は北半球とは違う
People drive on the opposite side
And weather is the complete opposite
December is hot
and July is cold
That’s why Santa is naked グリーンクリスマス
And most surprisingly the word “c***”
is used a lot”
“Hi, c***.”
“How are ya?”
I’m good c***, yourself?
“Good man!”
I’m serious.
tips, and
are all done
in the opposite way!
Maybe that’s why they call Australia the country
Down Under 地図を見ると、下の方  オーストラリア、ニュージーランドのこと

See you tomorrow, 1 minute.

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