Nas Daily / This Will Make You Happy

Nas Daily / This Will Make You Happy

This is Janine.
Hi! I’m Shannon
and I gave birth to this child. 出産する
If you lost your faith in humanity 人間への信頼を失ったら
This baby will restore it. この赤ちゃんが復活させる
Shaneen is the friend of Chante
Shante is a two-time
cancer survivor. 癌を克服した人
And because of that
I can’t have kids for the rest of my life 余生、子供が持てない
So Shaneen volunteered
to have a baby for her
after 9 months pregnancy
a surgery
psych evaluation
time off work
monthly doctor visits
and 75 shots with a 3 inch needle
Shannon gave birth to Chante’s kid!
And now Abraham is part of our family
She did all of the above for free
No money involved お金はかからず
expecting nothing in return. 何も見返りを期待せず
Making her mom is the reward 彼女の母になることが褒美
This person put her life on the line 自分の命を危険にさらして
To give the gift of life
to another family.
This is the most beautiful form
of human kindness.
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow!


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