Nas Daily / How Latinos Say Hello

Nas Daily / How Latinos Say Hello

When I was a kid I grew up
in a conservative community 保守的な
and I was taught to greet a stranger
You extend your hand
shake their hand
say hey and that’s that!
But after visiting Barcelona
and after visiting Peru
I realized that Latin people are so warm
to say hello you hug
you touch
you kiss you kiss again
and call each other guapo スペイン語 ハンサム
which means good looking それはグッドルッキングを意味します
even if you don’t know them.
the Latinos are so friendly
that when they greet my girlfriend 私のガールフレンドに挨拶するとき
by kissing her キスすることによって
I get jealous ヤキモチを焼きます
After meeting so many Latinos
I realized that a hug
is nothing to be afraid of.
A hug is just another way to say hello. ハグすることは「こんにちは」と言うもう一つの方法
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow

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