Nas Daily / Why Arabs Eat On The Floor

Nas Daily / Why Arabs Eat On The Floor

I have just arrived to a place
where people eat
without a spoon
without a chair
without a table
They eat on the floor
with their hands
this is the Emirates アラブ首長国連邦 =United Arab Emirates
a country where people
share meals like this!
But why do they do that?
See hundreds of years ago
Bedowins didn’t have much ベドウィンとは、砂漠の住人を指す一般名詞
they were nomads in the desert
so they couldn’t carry a chair
or a table
or even a spoon with them
every time they moved
That’s why they ate on the ground
with their hands
to keep it as simple as possible
and even when they started a country
with skyscrapers with cars roads 摩天楼
and tables. They still chose to eat like this それでもこんなふうに食べるのを選んだ
because it’s a reminder of an old life 注意喚起のメッセージ, reminder
when we didn’t have much
It’s a reminder that no matter how high you get. いくらいい気持ちになっても
It’s always nice to stay grounded. 地に足をつけておく
That’s 1 minute.
see you tomorrow!

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