Nas Daily / The City Without Taxes

The City Without Taxes

in life there are two things that are always guaranteed 保証されている2つの事
death and taxes 死と税
but I have just arrived to a city
where there are no taxes 税の無い都市
It’s the city of Iran
in the southern tip of Israel
where everything is 17% cheaper than any other city
to attract tourists 旅行者を魅了する
In this city at the bottom of the desert
you can see 4 countries from the same spot
Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan
Here, every one year only 5 days are cloudy
the rest are like this
but that’s only above water
Underwater is just as amazing!
cheap stuff
beautiful scenery
amazing weather
and good friends
is all you need for a good time
that’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow

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