Nas Daily / Why I Don’t Eat Pork!

Nas Daily / Why I Don’t Eat Pork!

In my life I’ve met so many people
Muslims and Jews イスラム教徒、ユダヤ教徒
who break the rules of their religion all the time いつも宗教の決まりを破っている
they drink alcohol アルコールを飲み
they sleep with other people 他人と寝て
and they even commit crime 犯罪も犯す
but the one thing they will never do でも決してしないことがある
is eat pork 豚肉を食べること
No Pork
BACON or HAM EVER ベーコンもハムも絶対に
and that’s also like me, I don’t eat pork
Here’s My Best Guess.
When I was young
my parents didn’t feel the need to say
don’t sleep around and don’t drink alcohol 異性と関係を持つな、アルコールを飲むな」という必要がなかった
because I was too young for that stuff そういう事には若すぎたから
but they did say でも「豚肉を食べてはいけない」と言った
Don’t eat pork
because pork is dirty and disgusting 汚くてムカつく
and that idea has been stuck with me ever since それ以来
so much that physically and mentally 肉体的にも精神的にも
I am unable to eat porn
this just goes to show the power
of instilling ideas at a young age 教え込まれた
Because whatever you are taught as a kid 子供の時に教えられたことは何でも
whether it’s eating pork or something else 豚肉を食べることであっても、他のことでも
could very well stay with you for a lifetime. 生涯ついてまわる

That’s 1 minute
see you tomorrow!

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