Nas Daily / $5 For Air?!

Nas Daily / $5 For Air?!

layover 飛行機などの乗り継ぎの〕待ち合わせ時間

This is my sister.
Hi, I’m nya
In her bank account she has a $300 total but she came to Iceland for a 20 hour layover
only to realize that Iceland will get her broke
she took a bus to see the city’s $40
she ate lunch $30
she wanted clothes.
Oh that’s too expensive to see the nearest attraction the Blue Lagoon
she has to pay a $100 to buy the cheap groceries for $6
$12 our normal prices here
this is why Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world for tourists
we’re a 20 hour layover can break your bank
at the end of her 20 hours layover she was sent with a little bit of an Icelandic souvenir
not the ten dollar mini snowmen but the five dollar Icelandic air five dollars for air.

that’s one minute see you tomorrow


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