Nas Daily / The Strongest Accent?!

Nas Daily / The Strongest Accent?!

accent 方言

Let me ask you a question!
Do you understand English?!
Because even if the answer is yes!
the minute you land in this English speaking country この国に上陸した瞬間
You’ll feel like you don’t! 英語を理解できないと感じる
nope. you do not. nopeはnoの強調
a unique country where the locals
have some of the thickest accents in English thick 〔なまりが〕強い、ひどい 分厚い
that we have ever heard!
“You’re acting the bleedin’ maggot with me I’m telling ya!” maggot うじ虫
Something as simple as
what’s up
people say
What’s the craic?! (craic, enjoyable conversation or fun with other people – used especially in Ireland)
How are you?
And full sentences become really hard to understand
“I need to go to the sunbed shop!” 日焼けサロン???
Mind you all of this is considered English 「いいかい?」「言っておくけどさ」 Mind you,
here in Ireland!
Why can’t you understand us?!
In this country you need to pay full attention
to every word they say to understand them!
“I’ll go for a Pint of Guinness!”
And if you don’t
It’s okay!
Just get a pint of beer 0.568 リットル
a friend or two
and have a mighty good time!
in the country of Ireland!
Welcome to Ireland!!
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.


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