Nas Daiy / How Video Games Changed My Life!

Nas Daiy / How Video Games Changed My Life!

When I was in middle school I was a video gaming addict
I would spend 5-10 hours everyday
just playing video games
and back then this wasn’t a good thing
My parents said I wasn’t studying enough
My friends thought I was
not social enough
and everyone said that video games are a waste of time 時間の浪費
But to be honest they were wrong 正直言って彼らは間違っていた
because video games helped me get to where I am now! ビデオゲームが今の私に導いた
The hours I spent everyday I wasn’t alone
I was making friends online オンラインで友達を作った
who were as good as my friends offline オフラインの友達ほどよくならなかったけど
we were indoors playing
and not outdoors partying
we talked in English and only in English
Good job.
which helped me improve my language and my accent 英語で喋ったことが私の語学とアクセントを改善した
to be where it is today
and it’s how i was able
to apply and get into Harvard ハーバード大に志願して入学した
FU** Killl that guy!
Video games can still be a waste of time
but for me this waste of time
was the best investment to date. ビデオゲームはデートする財前の投資だった
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.

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