Nas Daily / He Fixed Bad Breath!

Nas Daily / He Fixed Bad Breath!

Meet professor Mel
Hi, I’m Mel Rosenberg and I…
I fix bad breath 息が臭い
Mel is a smart man
He’s a microbiology professor 微生物学の教授
at Tel Aviv University
who 30 years ago wanted to fix a problem
Everybody has
but nobody could fix 誰も直せなかった
After smelling 10,000 people’s breath
After 30 years of research
he came up with a conclusion 結論を思いついた
that it’s possible to fix bad breath
So he went to his lab
played around with bacteria
and came up with a unique invention ユニークな発明
that magically solves the problem

You shake 振って
you gargle
and spit
That’s it! それだけ
His academic invention became a worldwide hit
and it’s sold in the millions
Now tens of millions are using my invention.
This is the guy that’s the reason your friends
don’t have bad breath
and if they still do
then they need to talk to professor Mei
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow.

gargle [US] gɑ́rgl / [UK] gɑ́ːgl  うがいをする
google グーグルで検索する

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