Nas Daily / Why I Don’t Spend Money

Nas Daily / Why I Don’t Spend Money

The following is not to brag 以下は自慢じゃない。
But to share an observation
last year I made more money
than I ever thought I would ever make in a year
if my life was a diagram 図法とすると
This would be my new finances
and as I made more money
I was excited to spend more!
Only to realize that in reality
I am cheap
As my money grew 稼ぎが増えても
my spending did not 支出はそんなに上がらない
It went up a bit.
then it stayed the same.
It stayed the same because I couldn’t stop listening 聞くのをやめない。聞いている
to my inner common sense 内なる常識
And common sense tells me 高いものを買うなと言う
that I should not buy a breakfast sandwich for $30 bucks
Or a hotel night for $500 bucks
or a new jacket for $300 bucks
No matter how much money you make
A lot of people make money and waste it on over-priced gimmicks 価値に対して高価過ぎる策略に
But let’s not forget common sense.
Because that is what made you lots of money それがお金を稼がせる事
and that is what will stop you from losing it. それがお金を無くさないようにしてくれる事
That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow


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