Nas Daily / be careful of the friend zone


Nas Daily / be careful of the friend zone

This is a rock
and this is water
If you pour water on a rock
nothing happens
But if you pour water on a rock
After Time
after time
the rock eventually changes
I can’t believe I’m making this video
but here is a confession
When I was a kid I loved eating meat
And all my friends did too.
because meat was our favorite dish
and vegetarians
I hated
because life is too short not to enjoy meat.
until one day something crazy happened
I found a girl online
and I liked her
I took her on a date
and all of a sudden she says
“I’m vegetarian.”
I thought to myself
I like this girl
But eating out with her
is going to be difficult
Day, after day, after day
we would go on dates
And she would order avocado
and I would order steak
And she would whisper
“It’s better be vegetarian”
I dsagreed
She ate her own, I ate mine.
But her small influence on my food
was like water hitting my rock
And after hundreds of meals
and hundreds of waves
My rock started changing
And one day
I woke up and realized
that I no longer eat meat
I was shocked
I don’t know why I stopped
Because I love steak
But when all my friends
and my best friend Agon
ordered vegetables
day, after day, after day
I gave in and changed my diet
You might think this video is about food
but really not
It’s bigger than that
This video is about the people around you
because they change and shape you
in ways that you cannot control.
If your group of friends drink alcohol
you will eventually drink alcohol
If you closet friends are athletic
you will become athletic
If your closest friends want to succeed in life
you will succeed in life
Even if you’re a rock
and your friends are water
sooner or later they will change you
for better or for worse
It actually goes both ways
I learned a lot from spending time with Nas
I’m a lot more ambitious now
and I use my time much more efficiently
I use every day to do something
to work towards my goals
I stopped eating meat because of my friends
but the bigger picture here is that you
should be careful who your closest friends are
Because sooner or later
You will become them
See you next week

You are who you befriend


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