基礎英語2 2020/7/31 R4 review

基礎英語2 2020/7/31 R4 review
It is about a two-hour (1) to the
Greens’ house from the airport. There is a ( ) behind their house.
There is a small farm (2) to the Greens’ house. It is Mr. Allen’s. On his farm, there are ( ) and chickens.
Emily visited (3) once with her husband Brian. He loved the clock tower and the wonderful historic buildings there. He is a ( ) teacher.
Emily and Brian Green have a (4). His name is Noah. He can play ( ) very well. He has a game at his high school soon.
There is a forest behind our house.
There are squirrels in the forest.
1). わたしたちの町には中学校がふたつあります。
Are there horses on the farm?
There aren’t any horses.

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