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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/26 #実践ビジネス英語
26 水 Lesson2 Job Interviews (4)

So what did you say instead?

I decided that it was best to be upfront about my tendency to fail to delegate to others.
I was also open about how I often pay too much attention to unnecessary detail.
But I quickly made a point of saying I’ve been making progress in trying to deal with those weaknesses.

That’s a good way to satisfy the interviewer’s need to get a sense of your honesty and self-awareness.
I’m told that in American job interviews,
it’s common for candidates to be asked where they see themselves in five years’ time.
Were you asked that?

You bet I was. The real meaning of that question is, “How long are you going to be with us?
Are you worth all the time and trouble to train you?”

I see. A clever interviewee will try to see things from the interviewer’s point of view when asked that question.

Of course, you shouldn’t say you want to stay with the company until retirement. Certainly not in this day and age.
A personnel manager wants to know whether you have ambition and realistic career goals.
I try to be honest and specific about all that.

Japanese hiring managers often ask job candidates how their friends would describe them.

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