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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/21 #実践ビジネス英語
21 金 Lesson2 Job Interviews (3)

I think it was.
I wanted to be part of a major global company with a solid leadership and a strong corporate culture.
I feel confident I will fit in with the team here at A&A.

Sorry to sound nosy, but what were some of the questions you were asked during your job interviews?

The first question was often, “Tell me about yourself.”

I’d find it hard to know where to start if I was asked that.
Yes, the danger is that you’ll lose your focus and blather on about yourself.
It’s important to keep in mind that all the interviewer wants to know is
why you think you’re interested in the job you’ve applied for, and why you think you’re qualified.
So I tried to make a concise pitch that gave the interviewer a clear picture of where I was coming from.

One thing that I vividly remember from my group interview in Japan is
that we all had to describe what we thought our greatest weaknesses were.

I had to do that in many of my interviews too.
I knew that the worst answer to that question is to say, “My only weakness is that I work too hard.”
The idea is to turn a weakness into a strength, as some consultants advise.
But no one is impressed with that kind of claim, even if it’s true.

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