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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/20 #実践ビジネス英語
20 木 Lesson2 Job Interviews (2)

Did you send your resume to all of them?

Yes, I did. Maybe that was overdoing it, but I wanted to get a good idea of just where I stood in the job market.
I had interviews at a dozen or so companies, including A&A.
To be honest, I found the interview here to be one of the toughest. Did you go through the same kind of job search when you joined this office, Shota?

No, I joined the company’s Tokyo affiliate as one of a couple dozen new graduates hired straight out of school.
I took a written exam and participated in a group interview before I was accepted.
That was right after it was sent to the U.S. parent company.
That was right after it was renamed Alex & Alex. This is my first experience working outside Japan.

Very exciting.

Do you mind if I ask why you quit your old job?

Frustration, really. I was working at a midsized research company here in New York. After five years, my comfortable niche had become a rut. I realized I needed a new challenge, so I decided to make a change.

Sounds like the right move at the right time, just as we had a vacancy here.

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