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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/19 #実践ビジネス英語
19 水 Lesson2 Job Interviews (1)

Shota, I’d like you to meet Bill Nissen’s replacement, Chuck Salmans.
Chuck will start working at A&A formally next month.
He’s here this morning to get the lay of the land. Chudk is about the same age as you,
so I’d like you to get to know each other and for you to tell him about any unwritten rules he should know. I’ll take care of the written ones.

Nice to meet you, Chuck.
I hear that you did way better than everybody else in the interviews.
Congratulations and welcome aboard!

Thank you. I’m very excited to be here.
This is my dream job. I’m really looking forward to working with all of you.

Excuse me, but I have an urgent meeting I have to go to now. Shota,
you might want to take Chuck to lunch. After that, can you stop by my office, Chuck?
I have some papers I need you to fill out.

Thanks very much, Lidia. I’ll see you later.

So, Chuck, tell me about your job search. I hope it wasn’t too much of an ordeal.

Well, when I decided to change jobs, I contacted some 60 companies, both online and offline.

Wow, that’s quite a lot.

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