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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/14 #実践ビジネス英語
14 金 Lesson1 First Impressions (6)

Our current vignette talks about how to make a good impression including the importance of appearance.
What elements would you emphasize in that regard, Heather?

As Paul Pearson says, looking polished is very important.
I’ve always invested in a couple of go-to outfits, smart-looking ensembles that I can wear in a variety of situations and know I look sharp. This is worth spending some extra money on, I think. Go to a nice store and get a couple of chic outfits that you’ll have ready to go on a moment’s notice. That helps us internally as well as externally. If we know we have a good professional look, that gives us confidence. It takes away one potential source of concern.

What about accessories?

Those [accessories] should definitely be simple.
And absolutely take care with our hair.
I mentioned this a couple years back when we were talking about networking events,
but it bears repeating-messy hair will ruin even the nicest outfit.
It makes us look like we don’t follow through to the end of things.
Oh, and I would avoid perfume or cologne on a first meeting. They’re too risky.
The other person might not like the scent, especially if we accidentally put on too much.

Paul Pearson also mentions the importance of appearing to consider each question carefully even if we think it’s inane.

I saw an excellent example of that actually in an interview given by an American movie star.
He was being asked questions that had been sent him by his fans. And one of them was “Do you like chees?”
Now I think a lot of us, if we were asked that question, would probably laugh,
like we were thinking “What kind of a question is that?”
But this guy didn’t even blink. He just nodded and said with a smile, “Oh! Yes, I do.
I especially like X and Y types of chees.” And as I watched that, I thought this guy know his stuff.
He’s showing consideration, he’s showing respect for every fan he comes in contact with.
And that makes a good impression. We should follow his lead on questions and overall interaction with people.

Lidia Grace mentions the importance of good posture.

I’m very grateful to my mother on that point.
If there’s one thing I heard growing up, and I mean all the time.
It was “stand up straight”, “stand up straight”. It is good thing.
It not only makes us look more alert and professional, it helps our clothes look nicer.
Just like messy hair, bad posture can ruin a nice outfit.

I’d also say pay attention to our manners.
A friend of mine who’s interviewed people for jobs said she’s seen people get up from their chair
when an interview is finished, and not push the chair back in toward the table.
And it gave the impression of carelessness, and a lack of concern for others. So we should be alert to little things like that.

The hand-written thank-you note sounded like a good idea.

Certainly, though we should make sure to send it right away.
People expect things quickly these days. We should probably write and mail it same day as the interview.

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