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実践ビジネス英語 2017/4/12 #実践ビジネス英語
12 水 Lesson1 First Impressions (4)

And conservative, understated clothes are your best choice when you meet someone important for the first time.

This may sound very old-school, but the firmness of your handshake can be a crucial part of making a good first impression. If you offer someone a weak handshake, it suggests passivity.
If you offer someone a weak handshake, it suggests passivity.

Don’t forget body language. Making eye contact indicates sincerity.
It also makes you appear intelligent and on the ball. And pay attention to your posture.
Don’t slouch. Pull your shoulders back and hold your head up straight. That’s how to convey competence and confidence.

Positive, proactive body language also includes keeping your arms uncrossed and looking attentive
when someone is speaking to you. Speaking slowly and calmly makes you seem confident and assured.

In addition, you should smile and nod. You don’t have to reply verbally to everything the other person says.
Just as long as you show them that you think what they’re saying is important and worth paying attention to.

In a job interview, you ‘ll also be judged by the way you handle questions, especially the tough ones.
A smart interviewee expects to be asked all sorts of questions. You shouldn’t give pat answers.


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